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Ilon Musk has released a new video of a Tesla robot - but it appears to have been "filmed" back in the 2000s

Ilon Musk has released a new video of a Tesla robot - but it appears to have been "filmed" back in the 2000s
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The video, published by the billionaire on Saturday in X, had such low quality that it seemed like it was shot on a phone that was relevant two decades ago.

Screenshots: gizmodo

At that time, the video was viewed by more than 30 million users, however, as Gizmodo notes, after half an hour Musk did replace it with a higher resolution video. (Interestingly, edited tweets usually show a note at the bottom of the correction and the time when it occurred - but Musk's note does not have this).

Meanwhile, users competed in sarcasm in the comments under the robot post, offering their own versions of why the video turned out to be so low-quality:

The previous video with Optimus that Musk posted also stood out - then the video "exposed" an engineer who controlled the robot's movements.

It has been just over two years since Elon Musk announced that Tesla had started moving towards developing humanoid robots. The company quickly launched prototypes - and so far we have seen one barely moving assembled model and another one standing on a base waving to the audience. At the same time, in the promo that followed the presentation, the robots walked more confidently and interacted with the environment.

In December, Tesla (also only in the promo stage) presented second-generation robots - it was reported that Optimus got two degrees of freedom in the neck, integrated electronics and wiring, as well as more human-like leg shapes with hinged finger parts and torque sensors. The robot's arms are equipped with 11 degrees of freedom, faster drives, and tactile sensors on all fingers to manipulate objects (in the video, the ability was demonstrated with chicken eggs).

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