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Ilon Musk says taking ketamine during low mood periods is in investors' best interest

Ilon Musk says taking ketamine during low mood periods is in investors' best interest
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Elon Musk admitted last year that he was prescribed ketamine for treatment and stated that he takes the drug "periodically" — at times when he experiences "chemical surges" that can cause depression.

In a new interview, the billionaire added that taking ketamine helps him during periods of bad mood, which is in the interest of Tesla investors and other companies he leads.

"For Wall Street, the main thing is fulfilling obligations," Musk said in an interview with former CNN host Don Lemon (via Bloomberg). "From the investors' point of view, if I start something, I must continue it."

Ketamine can indeed be prescribed to patients for pain and depression treatment, and in high doses, the drug acts as a sedative. Although it can also cause hallucinations, and overdose most often leads to loss of consciousness and slowed breathing, according to data from the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

In January, The Wall Street Journal reported that the boards of Tesla and SpaceX are concerned about Musk's use of recreational drugs.

"After that one puff with Rogan, at NASA's request, I agreed to 3 years of random drug testing. No traces of any drugs or alcohol were found," Musk wrote on X at the time.

Meanwhile, Lemon's interview with Musk never aired on X (and is now available on YouTube). The journalist said that Musk allegedly didn't like his questions (including those related to ketamine use), and the billionaire himself wrote that he was dissatisfied with Lemon's approach.

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