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Joe Biden's dipfake showing him "touching" his granddaughter's breasts will be left on Facebook

Joe Biden's dipfake showing him "touching" his granddaughter's breasts will be left on Facebook
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The Meta Oversight Board decided that the video can stay on Facebook, but demands the company to update its "inconsistent" policy.

In the original video, footage from October 2022 was shown, where the US president accompanies his granddaughter to her first vote and attaches a sticker with the inscription "I voted" to her clothes. Later, one Facebook user added an edited version, in which Joe Biden allegedly touches the girl's chest several times. The description of the video called the US president a "sick pedophile" and those who voted for him "mentally ill."

According to Engadget, the Meta Oversight Board, which reviewed the incident, recently came to the decision that the video on Facebook can indeed stay. The report states that it does not violate the company's policy on media manipulation, as it "was not edited using artificial intelligence tools, and because the editing was obvious and unlikely to mislead most users."

At the same time, the oversight board is concerned about the content of Meta's policy, which in their opinion is "inconsistent, lacks compelling rationale, and improperly focuses on how content was created rather than what specific harm needs to be prevented (e.g., concerning electoral processes).

"Meta must urgently review this policy, given the large number of electoral processes in 2024," the board said.

The board also suggests that Meta "apply a label indicating that the content is layered and may be misleading." The company now says they are "reviewing the Oversight Board's guidance and will provide a public response" within the next 60 days.

Questions about Facebook moderation arise regularly, including among Ukrainian users, who are often blocked for spreading information about the war.

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