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"Lord of the Rings": LEGO unveiled its Barad-dûr with Eye and Orcs with 5,471 parts for $460

"Lord of the Rings": LEGO unveiled its Barad-dûr with Eye and Orcs with 5,471 parts for $460
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If the fame of the dark lord Sauron from the novel "The Lord of the Rings" doesn't let you rest, LEGO allows you to build your own Barad-dur tower with all the details for just $460. The specified details from the Barad-dûr set contain 5471 pieces. There is even a Nazgul, the Witch-king of Angmar, with his own flying transport - but as a bonus.

The Lidless Eye is also included in the set, and it even glows. There are also figures of Sauron himself, Frodo and Sam, Gollum, orcs, and other characters. The Lego Barad-dûr set will go on sale on June 1 for Lego Insiders and on June 4 for everyone. When purchased from June 1 to 7, you can get a bonus "Fell Beast" set - unfortunately, there is only one Nazgul in it, not all nine, and it was not reported that these figures would be sold separately.

Lego designers had a lot of room for imagination to depict the Dark Tower from the inside - neither the books nor Peter Jackson's films tell about the interior. The advertising images of Lego show some kind of wall, an armory, a room with a Palantir, and a dining room for orcs, where there is food and drinks for the Uruk-hai.

If the tower seems too small to embody the greatness of the dark lord, you can make a larger one by combining several sets. The Barad-dûr set can complement the Lego Rivendell set for $500, which the company released last year. Frodo is in both, he even comes equipped with the Ring.

Source: ArsTechnica

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