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Samsung has mocked Apple by releasing an "anti-destructive" Galaxy TabS9 ad

Samsung has mocked Apple by releasing an "anti-destructive" Galaxy TabS9 ad
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During the advertising campaign for the new iPad Pro tablets, Apple "missed the mark" with the release of the "Crush!" video, in which a hydraulic press destroyed many creative items. The video outraged the community, and the company had to apologize. Samsung, their biggest competitor, "trolled" Apple with another video called "UnCrush," which is an ad for the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra tablet. The video shows a girl finding a broken guitar among the debris, starting to play it to the notes with the Tab S9 Ultra, and humming. On the screen, you can see the slogan "Creativity cannot be crushed," the tablet's name, and the Samsung logo. The scene takes place in a room, resembling Apple's video in terms of color scheme. In the caption, Samsung says, "We would never crush creativity." Samsung mocking Apple is not new. Back in 2018, the company mocked the notch - the cutout for the camera on the screen that appeared in the iPhone X. Ironically, the Samsung tablet screen in the "UnCrush" video has the same notch. Translated and paraphrased text is provided in English, while keeping the source HTML structure and tags intact.

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