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OnlyFans model showed off her "charms" through the New York-Dublin interactive "Portal" - project had to be put on hold

OnlyFans model showed off her "charms" through the New York-Dublin interactive "Portal" - project had to be put on hold
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Last week, a virtual bridge called The Portal was launched between New York and Dublin. This is an interactive art installation that allows real-time demonstration of images of cities located nearly 5000 km apart. Portals have large round screens and cameras that transmit images to the connected Portal.

However, some people found ways to use the modern art pieces in a completely different way than the author (Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gilis) and the organizers planned. Videos have been widely circulated on social media showing people using the live broadcast in a rather controversial manner.

For example, OnlyFans model Ava Louise posted a video in which she lifts her top and shows her breasts to the audience through the Portal, with her naked back turned to the crowd in New York.

"I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see my two home-grown New York potatoes," Louise said.

The broadcast had to be suspended after Ava Louise provided this free naked performance for viewers from Dublin.



♬ original sound — Ava Louise

In another video, a man can be seen bringing his phone to the Portal camera, showing a video of the burning and smoke-filled World Trade Center towers after the September 11 attack.

Another video shows police officers pulling a woman away from the Portal due to inappropriate behavior. In fact, she stood in front of the screen and camera in a state of alcohol intoxication for about 20 minutes before security intervened.

After these incidents, the Dublin City Council began working on "technical solutions" to limit "inappropriate behavior."

Source: euronews

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