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Telegram founder's Galaxy A52 delaminated due to heat wave in Dubai

Telegram founder's Galaxy A52 delaminated due to heat wave in Dubai
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The CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has revealed that he has been using a Samsung Galaxy A52 smartphone for the past two years.

According to him, he chose this smartphone because it is "one of the most widely used phones among Telegram users" and he "wanted to understand their experience in order to serve them better." However, not everything turned out well with this model, and the findings discovered by Durov may disappoint Galaxy A52 owners.

In his post, Pavel Durov mentioned that the back panel of his Galaxy A52 came off from the smartphone and shared a corresponding photo. He stated that the cause of this behavior was the heat in Dubai.

"My phone was 'unlocked' by the heat of Dubai," wrote Durov.

It is indeed very hot in Dubai. However, the build quality of the smartphone should be good enough not to come apart in such heat. Unfortunately, the Galaxy A52 did not withstand these high-temperature tests. Additionally, there are no visible signs of battery swelling in the photo. After the detachment of the back panel, the device did not explode or catch fire.

Durov's post indicates that the Galaxy A52, which was one of the best-selling smartphones, turned out not to be as good as many users thought. Now the CEO of Telegram will have to switch to a new phone.

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