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Youtuber charged for shooting fireworks at Lamborghini from helicopter

Youtuber charged for shooting fireworks at Lamborghini from helicopter
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American video blogger Alex Choi has faced federal charges after posting a video on YouTube in which two women shoot fireworks from a helicopter aimed at a Lamborghini. The blogger, with nearly 1 million subscribers, usually posts videos dedicated to cars.

In June 2023, Choi hired helicopter pilots and drone operators to shoot a "crazy, wild fireworks show" video, featuring two women shooting pyrotechnics at a Lamborghini from the helicopter's deck.

On June 4, 2024, criminal proceedings were initiated against Alex Choi, federal charges were filed, and an arrest warrant was issued for "placing an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft." Although he did not personally shoot fireworks, the complaint against the incident suggests that there are reasonable grounds to believe Choi committed a crime because he admitted several times on video that he was the creative director of the production.

Following the tire tracks from the drifting Lamborghini, investigators determined that the video was shot on the dry Lake El Mirage in California, which is considered federal property. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration of the USA) revoked the helicopter pilot's license due to the altitude at which he was flying and the fireworks posed a risk.

Source: Dexerto

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