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IKEA's new furniture for gamers looks like furniture, not the set of a sci-fi movie

IKEA's new furniture for gamers looks like furniture, not the set of a sci-fi movie
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IKEA introduces a new series of gaming furniture Brännboll, which breaks the usual dark, sharp "gamer" aesthetics. They can be much better combined with traditional room decoration styles.

The Brännboll collection consists of 20 items, including desks, chairs, accessories, and various shelves and cabinets. The new Brännboll collection focuses on design, which IKEA knows how to do best - simple and recognizable Scandinavian style.

The collection includes a chair that reclines into a lying position, a chair that swings with body movements, as well as an inflatable donut chair with a matching footrest. The collection includes a "gaming station" that folds into something resembling a wardrobe, equipped with a folding tabletop, vertical PC storage, and a cable organizer. There is also a storage box that serves as a table, shelf, and some textile accessories: a mouse pad, a small carpet, a blanket.

It's a bit difficult to determine what qualifies any of this furniture as gamer furniture, but, probably, that was the idea: anything designed for long sitting sessions is suitable for gaming. Not everyone wants a part of their home to look like the salon of a futuristic spaceship.

IKEA says the Brännboll collection is inspired by outdoor sports and leisure activities, combining neutral and bright colors that easily fit into the interiors of modern homes. The price of items is currently unknown, but more information about the Brännboll collection may appear before its launch in September.

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