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Hi-Fi RUSH was released on PS5 - and received a score of 91 on Metacritic versus 87 for the Xbox Series version

Hi-Fi RUSH was released on PS5 - and received a score of 91 on Metacritic versus 87 for the Xbox Series version
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On March 19, the sensational rhythm-action game Hi-Fi RUSH was released on PS5 - and it is quite ironic that the second game from Microsoft's internal studios released on PlayStation currently has a higher rating on Metacritic than the version for Xbox Series X|S (91/100 versus 87 points).

First reviews of the Hi-Fi RUSH version for PS5

In the Ukrainian PS Store the standard edition costs 599 UAH, and the Deluxe edition with additional content costs 799 UAH. Please note, unfortunately, the game did not have Ukrainian localization.

Currently, the rating of the PS5 version of Hi-Fi RUSH on Metacritic is based on only 8 reviews (compared to 63 reviews on Xbox Series), so it is quite possible that with more reviews the rating on PlayStation will decrease (or increase?), but the situation remains no less funny. Critics really liked the port, especially praising the stable 60fps frame rate with close to 4K resolution and the additional features of the DualSense controller, particularly the adaptive triggers and tactile feedback.

Hi-Fi RUSH release trailer on PS5

Hi-Fi RUSH is a stylish musical greeting with game design from the best of the 2000s by Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo) and Bethesda Softworks. The release in January 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X|S was a real surprise, but the game quickly won the hearts of critics and gamers. Among other things, the project is distinguished by bright cartoonish graphics and delightfully simple humor (which only makes the game better and look even better).

The main character of Hi-Fi RUSH is the "future rock star" Chai, whose hand is inadvertently implanted with a music player in his heart during a test program of bio-prosthetic augmentation, allowing him to feel the "rhythm of the world". Declared "defective" and pursued by the mega-corporation Vandelay, which altered him, the youth is supported by other heroes, including a robot cat named 808, capable of visualizing rhythm, and an invisible ally Peppermint. They unite against Vandelay to put an end to its population control plans. Hi-Fi RUSH, which looks like a mix of Devil May Cry and Guitar Hero, is definitely worth attention and is capable of providing several wonderful evenings.

It remains to be remembered - at the end of February, Microsoft presented an updated multi-platform strategy for Xbox, which provides for the transfer of certain exclusives from the Xbox ecosystem to PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The first wave included four Xbox Game Studio games - Pentiment, Hi-Fi RUSH, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded. The detective adventure Pentiment by Obsidian was released first on February 22, and in April we are waiting for Grounded (April 16) and Sea of Thieves (April 30).

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