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EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 is a 4kW charging station with 12kWh of charging capacity priced at $3.7k.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 is a 4kW charging station with 12kWh of charging capacity priced at $3.7k.
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EcoFlow has released a new portable charging station Delta Pro 3, which can be scaled to power the entire home during power outages. It can also be used for other purposes, such as powering the electrical system of a van, RV, beach party, or recharging an electric vehicle.

Delta Pro 3 improves upon the previous Delta Pro version with a larger battery capacity, more powerful inputs and outputs, reduced noise level, and a wider wheelbase to facilitate the movement of this 52 kg device.

As a home backup solution, EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 can scale from 4 kWh (one lithium-iron-phosphate battery) to 12 kWh by adding two expansion batteries of the same capacity. The device supports devices with operating voltages of 120 V and 240 V, and provides an output power of up to 4000 W (peak power of 8000 W). This is sufficient to power almost any appliance in the home, including induction cooktops and ovens, cooling and heating systems, well pumps, and refrigerators.

If this is not enough, up to three Delta Pro 3 units can be combined and connected to the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, providing an output power of up to 12 kWh and a total capacity of up to 36 kWh. This is enough to power an average American home for one and a half days or much longer if only powering essential devices.

Delta Pro 3 can also serve as a replacement for noisy (but much cheaper) diesel generators. To do this, the device must be connected directly to the home circuit through the main switchboard or manual switch. The new product has an IP65 rating, so it should be protected during rain.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 charging station can be charged in several different ways, including solar panels with a power of 1000 W and 1600 W, wall AC outlets at 1800 W (120 V) or 3000 W (240 V), Level 2 EV chargers at 4000 W, or the EcoFlow Dual Fuel Generator. It can also be charged in a car in combination with the EcoFlow Alternator Charger (800 W) or very slowly from a 12 V cigarette lighter. The station also supports multi-source charging, combining multiple inputs together for fast charging up to 7000 W.

Outside the home, Delta Pro 3 can also be used to power vans and RVs. The charging station has a TT-30R outlet, which provides 120 V / 30 A current to power the entire vehicle's electrical system, including heavy loads such as air conditioning and microwave. DP3 also has a 12 V / 30 A Anderson port for powering low-voltage DC devices, such as lighting, USB outlets, and a portable refrigerator.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 charging station inherits an improved temperature management system from the Delta Pro Ultra. Thanks to this, it emits noise of less than 30 dB at powers under 2000 W.

The price of EcoFlow Delta Pro 3 is $3699 or $6298 for a kit with one expansion battery. Special prices of $3199 and $5498, respectively, are available for orders placed before July 23. Sales in Europe will begin in September.

Source: The Verge

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