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ChatGPT can now be used without an account

ChatGPT can now be used without an account
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OpenAI has started to provide access to ChatGPT for users without an account. The company described this move as part of its mission to "make tools like ChatGPT widely accessible so that people can benefit from AI."

This approach also gives the company more training data (for those who have not opted out of data sharing). It may also encourage more users to create accounts and subscribe to access the enhanced version of GPT-4 instead of the older model GPT-3.5, which is used by free users.

When using ChatGPT without an account on the standard screen with the prompt "How can I help you today?" and the input window, optional buttons for registration or login are also available. The company says it is gradually rolling out access, so this option may not be available to some users yet.

OpenAI has implemented additional security measures for users without an account. The terms regarding blocking descriptions and creating images in certain categories differ for them. A company representative mentioned that the feature was developed considering how users of GPT-3.5 who are not logged in could pose new threats. Teams responsible for detecting and preventing abuse by artificial intelligence models were involved in creating the new feature and will adjust the operation accordingly if unexpected threats arise. At the same time, the same restrictions apply to users without an account as for registered users.

Users without an account can opt out of training models based on their data. This can be done through the settings menu, accessible via a small question mark icon to the right of the text field. To do this, users need to turn off the "Improve the model for everyone" toggle.

According to OpenAI, over 100 million people in 185 countries use ChatGPT weekly. This step is likely to attract even more users.

Source: Engadget

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