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Apple iPad Pro M4 owners complain about "grainy" display and HDR defects

Apple iPad Pro M4 owners complain about "grainy" display and HDR defects
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Users of the new Apple iPad Pro tablets with the M4 processor are complaining about artifacts of "graininess" on the tandem OLED display. Despite the bright image and advanced technology of practically two displays, it seems that the screen turned out to be imperfect.

Some iPad Pro owners are complaining on Reddit about a defect that is particularly noticeable on a dark background and in dark rooms. In photos, the graininess of the screen seems very noticeable against the dark elements of the software interface.

The cause may be the Moiré effect, which means unevenness between pixels, often caused by improper screen lighting. If a pixel receives too little voltage, it may look different from another nearby. The effect is noticeable on LCD screens that rely on separate backlighting, as well as on OLED panels.

The occurrence of the effect is mainly related to production. Displays made of several layers can sometimes be imperfect. It is also possible that during production, certain contamination occurred, which affected the OLED panel crystals.

This effect is a very common problem that occurs with many manufacturers and suppliers, often it is impossible to avoid. In many cases, such issues are not considered defects.

Earlier, another defect was noticed on the iPad Pro M4 displays - a problem with displaying HDR on some shades of blue (dark blue and indigo). On images, HDR highlights disappear and appear white or distorted. There are no artifacts on other Apple OLED devices, such as the iPhone 15 Pro.

"The best way to notice this is to look at a character in a dark blue shirt. The folds seem to flicker like a spider web on the surface. Sometimes a part of the image seems like an ink blot."

Apple has not commented on the first issue, but the company is already working on a software fix for the second one.

Sources: MacRumors, iMore

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