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The Portal - Yew York and Dublin connected by interactive art installation

The Portal - Yew York and Dublin connected by interactive art installation
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Between New York and Dublin, a virtual bridge called The Portal has been created. It allows people who are approximately 3000 miles (around 4,830 km) apart to communicate in real time. The Portals have large round screens and cameras that transmit the image to the connected Portal.

The Portal was developed by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys. This installation allows people on both sides of the Atlantic to interact with each other through video communication. The main idea of the "Portal" was "conceived as evidence of the power of art to overcome physical barriers."

"Portals are an invitation to meet people beyond borders and differences and to feel our world as it truly is - united and unified," Gylys said. "Live streaming opens a window between distant places, allowing people to meet beyond their social circles and cultures, to transcend geographic boundaries and embrace the beauty of global interconnectedness."

Dublin's Lord Mayor, Dáithí de Róiste, was thrilled about this event and announced the partnership, emphasizing its importance as Dublin was awarded the title of European Smart Tourism Capital for 2024. He added, "The 'Portal' project symbolizes Dublin's aspiration to unite not only within the EU but also with cities like New York, with which we share deep historical and cultural ties."

"This project is an example of combining technologies and engineering to bring communities from all over the world closer together," added the Lord Mayor.

The Portal project connecting New York and Dublin started operating on May 8 and will continue until the fall of 2024.

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