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Adreno X1 graphics card in Snapdragon X Elite - Qualcomm reveals details

Adreno X1 graphics card in Snapdragon X Elite - Qualcomm reveals details
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A few days before the official launch of laptops with Qualcomm Snapdragon X processors, the company revealed more details about the Adreno X1 graphics architecture. This is the first generation of integrated graphics for X series processors for Windows. The number "1" denotes the generation, successors of which will be called Adreno X2 and so on. The top configuration, X1-85, includes "8" for the GPU level and "5" for the chip itself.

The Adreno X1 graphics processor contains up to 6 shader processors, which combine 1536 ALU FP32 and can process 96 texels per cycle. It can boast peak performance of up to 4.6 TFLOPS and can process up to 72 gigapixels per second.

Adreno X1 supports key graphics APIs, including DirectX 12.1 (Shader Model 6.7), DirectX 11, Vulkan 1.3, and OpenCL 3.0. The company provided a comparison of X1-85 with Core Ultra 7 155H (with 8 Xe cores), although full specifications of the reference platform are not available. Qualcomm claims that the Adreno X1-85 can match or exceed Intel graphics in several 1080p resolution games. However, details regarding settings are unknown.

In addition, Qualcomm showcased the Adreno Control Panel, a program for optimizing games and updating drivers with monthly updates. This is similar to what larger video card vendors offer. Laptops with Qualcomm Snapdragon X will officially go on sale on June 18. Consumers can already pre-order new systems, but it's worth waiting for independent tests.

Source: VideoCardz

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