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Pornhub will now pay VAT in Ukraine, and monobank promised "indefinite 20% cashback" on porn site for Getmantsev

The company MindGeek (or Aylo), which owns the porn site Pornhub, has become a taxpayer in Ukraine. "The company that owns the PornHub service has finally registered as a VAT payer as a provider of electronic services," - reported the chairman of th...

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Choose a new 3-month action on derusification of the Ukraine capital's domain starts on May 1

Ukrainian domain registrars will once again start a campaign to de-russify the domain of the capital starting from May 1st. The promotion of the domain KYIV.UA is one of the steps in the movement towards the all-Ukrainian de-russification of domains....

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Are you sure you're not a robot? The new era of CAPTCHA is here - and here's why we've been "failing" these tests lately

"Is it me or have the 'I am not a robot' tests become harder?" joked British comedian Jack Whitehall in his recent Netflix special, complaining about his inability to correctly identify traffic lights. CAPTCHA is a computer test of the challenge-resp...

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