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Steam won't give refunds if you launch a game 2 hours before the official release date

Approximately 8 years ago, Steam introduced a mechanism for refunding purchased games. This was useful in cases where the game turned out to be less interesting than it seemed, or the computer did not provide a comfortable level of performance. To ta...

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Steam Family Groups. Valve announced the next major update [What's new and how to test].

On the evening of March 18, Valve released an update for the beta version of Steam, introducing Family Groups with shared access to games. What's New Family Groups replace Steam Family Sharing and Steam Family View simultaneously. Developers have en...

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Valve has released the top 100 most popular games on Steam Deck for the second year. The leader is Baldur's Gate 3

Valve has published the most popular games on Steam Deck for the year (from March 2023 to March 2024) alongside the annual spring sale on Steam - Baldur's Gate 3, a blockbuster and critically acclaimed game from the Belgian studio Larian Studios, top...

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