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Zuckerberg was photographed wearing Jensen Huang's new leather jacket and compared him to "Taylor Swift in the tech world"

Zuckerberg was photographed wearing Jensen Huang's new leather jacket and compared him to "Taylor Swift in the tech world"
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It seems that Zuckerberg likes Huang's style, while the Nvidia boss looks somewhat embarrassed in the photo, as he had to try on Mark's leather jacket instead.

On Tuesday, the head of Meta posted a photo on Instagram where he and Huang are posing in each other's borrowed outfits: Mark happily smiles in the famous leather jacket of the Nvidia boss, while Jensen himself looks confused in Zuckerberg's jacket, which is too big for him.

"Jersey swap," Zuckerberg wrote, referring to the popular tradition of swapping shirts in the NFL.

In the comments, Mark added that Huang is "like Taylor Swift - but in the world of technology."

Huang's bewildered look can be understood, as he had to temporarily part with his brand new jacket, which he first wore in public, replacing his previous one at the GTC 2024 event about 2 weeks ago. Tom's Hardware editors then discovered that this creation is from Tom Ford and costs $9,000.

Zuckerberg rarely deviated from his style of "gray t-shirts and hoodies," but this year is the second time he appears in an unusual look - the previous one in a traditional Indian outfit at the pre-wedding party of the son of an Asian billionaire.

The meeting of Zuckerberg and Huang was not unexpected, considering Meta's ambitions for aggressive expansion in the field of AI. During a earnings call last year, Mark told investors that artificial intelligence would be "the largest area of investment for his company in 2024 for engineering and computational resources."

In January, Zuckerberg stated that by the end of 2024, the company plans to have more than 340,000 Nvidia H100 graphics processors, and that Meta's computational infrastructure will contain "almost 600,000 compute equivalents of H100, including other GPUs". According to analysts at Raymond James, Nvidia sells H100 chips for prices ranging from $25,000 to $30,000, and on eBay they can cost over $40,000 - if Meta were to pay at the minimum, they would spend around $9 billion on this, so it is no wonder that Zuckerberg is trying to mend relations with the Nvidia boss.

It was previously reported that Mark Zuckerberg is "recruiting" AI researchers from Google DeepMind through personal emails and offering them positions without interviews.

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