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Framework accountant inadvertently 'leaked' customer data - with names, email addresses and debt information - to hackers

Framework accountant inadvertently 'leaked' customer data - with names, email addresses and debt information - to hackers
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Malefactors sent a letter to the accountant on behalf of the general director of Framework - requesting to send information about customer debt.

The company Framework, an American manufacturer of modular laptops, confirmed that hackers gained access to customer data as a result of a phishing attack on one of the employees of their accounting services provider, Keating Consulting.

“On January 9, a malicious actor sent an email to the accountant, pretending to be our CEO, requesting information on Framework's purchasing debt,” Framework's message said.

The company notes that the accountant responded to the email on January 11 and sent an electronic spreadsheet with information about clients - including full names, email addresses, and debt amounts. Framework has already informed affected customers that hackers may use this information to impersonate the company and request payment information.

“Please note that this list mainly included a subset of open pre-orders, but some completed pre-orders with unfinished accounting synchronization were also included in this list,” Framework said.

It is currently unknown if any other Keating Consulting clients were impacted. The Silicon Valley accounting company, which primarily provides temporary financial leadership and back-office support for startups, has around 300 clients. Among them are online pharmacy GoodRx (recently fined $1.5 million for sharing user health data with Facebook and Google), computational chemistry platform, and corporate training business Udemy.

Framework also noted that mandatory phishing prevention training will be required for all company employees with access to Framework customer information.

“We are additionally reviewing the training and standard operating procedures of all other accounting and finance consultants who now or previously had access to client information,” added the computer manufacturer.

Framework, based in San Francisco, was founded in late 2019 by former Apple and Oculus engineer Nirav Patel. In 2022, the company raised $18 million in a Series A financing round led by Spark Capital, a supporter of Oculus. Framework positions itself as a proponent of the "right to repair," and all of its devices, such as the Framework 16 laptop, are designed to be easily repairable with interchangeable parts.

Source: TechCrunch

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