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Every extra hour on computer at leisure increases chances of impotence - study

Every extra hour on computer at leisure increases chances of impotence - study
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Analysis of data from over 200,000 men showed that every additional 1.2 hours of computer use in leisure time increased the likelihood of erectile dysfunction by 3.57 times, according to a research article in Andrology (via Interesting Engineering).

At the same time, other daily activities, such as watching TV or driving a car, did not show similar results. There is also no evidence that computer use is associated with depression, anxiety, or vascular health.

The use of computers has long been associated with a decrease in follicle-stimulating hormone - a key hormone that plays a role in the reproductive system of both men and women (in men, it stimulates the production of sperm).

Interestingly, researchers observed a lower level of follicle-stimulating hormone in individuals who used the computer "more leisurely."

"This study provided strong evidence of a positive cause-and-effect relationship between computer use and the risk of erectile dysfunction. However, the final cause-and-effect relationship should be established through further research," the authors noted in a statement.

Researchers suggest that men engage in moderate physical activity instead of additional computer use in their leisure time - more exercise reduces the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction due to a sedentary lifestyle.

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