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US Army is being trained to use "cheap drones with ChatGPT"

US Army is being trained to use "cheap drones with ChatGPT"
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The US army unit called Geronimo is adopting the experience of Ukrainian military in using "cheap" drones by military standards and undergoing training on their use, along with ChatGPT.

Inexpensive technology can be very, very effective.

- General Randy George.

Geronimo's arsenal includes a special version of the army quadcopter TS-M800 with a thermal imager and computer code written with the help of ChatGPT. According to Senior Warrant Officer Christian Lera, the unit does not yet have permission to use FPV drones, which are typically used in Ukraine as one-way controlled strike drones, although, he says, he studied their use in Ukraine.

But modified Geronimo quadcopters can do a lot. One TS-M800 has scanners that can detect mobile phone signals and WiFi, allowing them to identify the positions of hypothetical enemies.

They used ChatGPT to create software in the Python programming language that analyzed the connection between MAC addresses. Based on their movement and communication models, the Geronimo unit was able to determine what types of devices they were tracking.

Lera emphasized that Geronimo uses inexpensive equipment, such as a Raspberry Pi computer and spectrum analysis devices like HackRF and RTL-SDR. Such devices are widely used in Ukraine to detect enemy drones. According to him, the use of Geronimo commercially available, open-source compatible technologies also reduces the logistical burden, reports Defense One.

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