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Ukrainian Fractured Byte and 4A Games (Metro) to be transferred to Russians. Embracer confirmed the sale of Saber Interactive for $247 mln

Ukrainian Fractured Byte and 4A Games (Metro) to be transferred to Russians. Embracer confirmed the sale of Saber Interactive for $247 mln
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Embracer has officially confirmed the partial sale of the Russian Saber Interactive, and at the same time details have emerged regarding the future of the Ukrainian studio 4A Games (the creators of Metro) - one of the first to report on the deal at the end of February was well-known gaming journalist Jason Schreier from Bloomberg.

Updated [12:07]: Ukrainian 4A Games will also be transferred to the ownership of Russian Saber - Jason Schreier from Bloomberg obtained a copy of an internal letter to employees where CEO Matt Karch confirmed the sale of 4A Games and Zen Studios.

The Swedish gaming holding company presents this deal as a complete cessation of all operations in Russia by divesting certain assets from Saber Interactive. The beginning of the story and all the important context - in a separate article. There is no point in reprinting everything, so in this continuation we will get straight to the point.

Firstly, the deal amount is $247 million, not $500 million as originally reported by Schreier. And further on, it will become clear why exactly this amount. Secondly, the buyer is the studio Beacon Interactive, which belongs to the co-founder of Saber Interactive. Thirdly, 4A Games (the creators of Metro) remain with Embracer for now, but there is one condition: under the terms of the deal, Saber Interactive retains the option to purchase 4A Games along with other Embracer assets at a fixed price within a certain period. Another important detail: another Ukrainian studio - Fractured Byte (a game development studio headquartered in Estonia with two development offices in Dnipro and Kyiv) will come into the hands of Saber Interactive.

According to the agreement, Saber Interactive will acquire a number of studios (full list below) and a total of 38 games, with a total balance sheet value of around 2.3 billion Swedish kronor, while Embracer will retain 4A Games (with others) and a total of 14 titles worth 0.5 billion Swedish kronor, including two joint projects with Buyer.

Studios that Saber Interactive will acquire

  • Fractured Byte
  • Nimble Giant
  • Mad Head Games
  • New World Interactive
  • 3D Realms
  • Slipgate

Studios remaining at Embracer

  • 4A Games
  • 34 Big Things
  • Shiver
  • Snapshot
  • Tripwire
  • Tuxedo Labs
  • Zen Studios
  • Aspyr
  • Beamdog
  • Demiurge

Games remaining at Embracer

  • Next AAA game from 4A Games
  • Unannounced AAA-class game, currently in the concept stage
  • Previously announced AAA game based on key license
  • New multiplayer AAA shooter on a managed IP
  • New AA game based on Asmodee IP
  • New AA game from 34 Big Things on their own IP
  • Killing Floor 3
  • Teardown
  • Full back catalog from Zen Studios, Aspyr and Tripwire

Later today Embracer will hold a press conference for investors, analysts, and the media. If any interesting details are revealed at that event, we will update this text.

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