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The game simulator of tactical medicine LifesaverSIM was integrated into "Dia"

The game simulator of tactical medicine LifesaverSIM was integrated into "Dia"
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The "Diia" application has integrated the tactical medicine simulator LifesaverSIM. Now everyone will be able to learn tactical medicine, according to the "Diia" press service.

To start learning, it is necessary to verify citizenship in the LifesaverSIM application through "Diia". After that, you can get free access to premium subscription.

Users will learn how to:

  • apply a tourniquet
  • tamponade wounds
  • perform all other necessary actions according to the MARCH protocol

The simulator is designed for both military and civilians. And the training takes place in the conditions of virtual combat.

The simulator was created by Ukrainians - participants of the Brave1 cluster.

It corresponds to the recommendations of the TCCC Committee and the NATO standard and takes into account all important aspects of providing assistance on the battlefield.

You can download it from AppStore or Google Play.

It is worth noting that yesterday, April 11, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading the bill №10449 on strengthening mobilization.

The law introduces changes to the procedure for accounting for data and introduces punishment for evasion.

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