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Russian hackers stole source code from Microsoft - attack still ongoing

Russian hackers stole source code from Microsoft - attack still ongoing
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At the beginning of this year, Microsoft discovered that Russian state hackers were spying on the email accounts of some senior leadership team members. Now the company also reports that the attack led to the theft of some source code. This ongoing attack is carried out by the same group behind the SolarWinds attack.

"In recent weeks, we have seen evidence that Midnight Blizzard [Nobelium] is using information originally stolen from our corporate email systems to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access," Microsoft explains. "This included access to some company source code repositories and internal systems. As of today, we have not found evidence that customer systems hosted on Microsoft servers have been compromised."

Microsoft does not specify which exact source code Russian hackers gained access to. However, the company states that the Nobelium group (referred to by Microsoft as Midnight Blizzard) continues the attack and is now trying to use "various types of secrets it has found" to further compromise the company's software and potentially its clients.

Microsoft has strengthened security measures and monitoring and detection tools to protect its systems from this threat and to help clients mitigate potential risks. However, the company is still investigating the recent Nobelium attacks on its systems.

Source: The Verge

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