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Rivian announced compact electric SUVs R2 (range 483 km, price $45 thousand), R3 and R3X.

Rivian announced compact electric SUVs R2 (range 483 km, price $45 thousand), R3 and R3X.
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The company Rivian held an online presentation of its electric SUV R2. Also quite unexpectedly, the company introduced two more new models - the R3 and R3X.

As predicted, the Rivian R2 is a compact 5-seater SUV. Compared to the Rivian R1S, the dimensions have been reduced from 5100x1837x2212 mm to 4715x1700x2144 mm, and the wheelbase from 3075 mm to 2935 mm. Buyers are offered three engine options:

  • standard single-motor model with rear-wheel drive,
  • dual-motor all-wheel drive model with engines in the front and rear,
  • a version with three motors, which has two rear engines and one front engine.

It is this last model that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds.

For all versions, a range of at least 300 miles (about 483 km) is claimed. The car uses 4695 type battery cells and a battery that takes up most of the floor. The electric vehicle is equipped with an NACS charging port, so it will work with Tesla charging devices. The company is also building its own network of charging stations called the Rivian Adventure Network with plans to create 600 locations over the next few years.

The Rivian R2 is equipped with 11 cameras and 5 radars, including a long-range front radar. Thanks to all these sensors, the autonomous driving capabilities of the car have been improved.

The interior offers a panoramic roof, an infotainment center, 2 glove compartments (while the R1 lineup didn’t even have one), 2 scroll wheels with dynamic tactile feedback on the steering wheel. The rear and front seats fold down, allowing for a full sleeping area in the cabin. The trunk door window can be lowered, which can be useful when transporting long items. Under the hood, there is another sufficiently capacious trunk.

The electric SUV Rivian R2 will go on sale in the US in 2026 with a starting price of $45,000 for the single motor version. The car is already available for pre-order.

The Rivian R3 is an even more compact version of the electric vehicle with a shorter wheelbase and a more rigid construction. This model will also be available in three versions with one, two, or three motors. The battery is the same as in the R2, but there is no information about the range.

The Rivian R3X is a version for those who need to travel off-road. It has short overhangs and a higher ground clearance. In this case, only the version with three engines is offered.

Rivian has not yet disclosed information about prices and sales start dates for the R3 and R3X models.

Source: Engadget

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