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"New Post" now delivers shipments between European countries - weight up to 100 kg, term from 2 days

"New Post" now delivers shipments between European countries - weight up to 100 kg, term from 2 days
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The brand Nova Post, under which "Nova Poshta" operates in Europe, has introduced a new service for customers abroad. Now it is possible to send shipments not only from European countries to Ukraine and vice versa, but also to send documents, parcels, or cargo weighing up to 100 kg between European countries where there are Nova Post branches.

Between European countries, Nova Post delivers shipments to branches, addresses, parcel lockers, or pick-up points. The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the shipment and the distance between countries. The service for delivering parcels between European countries is available in all presence countries except Moldova, Romania, and the United Kingdom. The delivery time between countries is from 2 days.

Using the example of sending from Poland: the delivery of a 2 kg parcel to Germany at a Nova Post branch will cost 43 zlotys, and to Spain - 65 zlotys. Plus 10 zlotys to the cost if you use the service of delivering the parcel to the address by courier.

For international shipments, digital tools are also available: a multilingual website, a mobile application, a business account where customers can not only create a shipment but also call a courier, pay for delivery, find out the working hours and address of the nearest branch or parcel pick-up point, and also track the movement of the shipment in real time.

To get additional information about tariffs, delivery between European countries, or a list of prohibited goods for transportation, you need to:

  • visit the website,
  • select the country from which the shipment will originate,
  • go to the International delivery section,
  • select the Send to other countries section.

More information about delivery from Ukraine to Europe and tariffs can be found at the link.

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