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Google's search direction has been led by Liz Reid - she previously led artificial intelligence search products

Google's search direction has been led by Liz Reid - she previously led artificial intelligence search products
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Google Search has a new leader. This business is headed by Liz Reid, who has been working at Google for over 20 years. Recently, she led the search direction based on artificial intelligence, known as Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Reid's promotion is part of major changes in Google's search team. Pandu Nayak, who held the position of vice president of search and focused on various aspects of search quality, will now become the chief scientific officer of search. He will be replaced by Chenu Venkatachari, who also worked on AI products in search. Meanwhile, Katie Edwards, who worked on Google News and Google Discover, has taken a job in Google's long-term bets team.

These leadership changes indicate that Google sees AI as the foundation of the future search service. For 25 years, users have been used to entering keywords in the search window and expecting a bunch of ranked links in return. In a world powered by artificial intelligence, you can instead upload a photo, and the Gemini model will tell you what is in it and how to buy it. You can ask a question in the headphones' microphone and get a full answer from the speakers.

CEO Sundar Pichai and others have been saying for years that language models and other AI systems can both improve search result quality and completely change our perception of gathering information on the internet. This becomes especially relevant now, as the network is increasingly filled with materials created by artificial intelligence and optimized for SEO. In such conditions, making Google search great again becomes more difficult and more important than ever.

Reid has spent the last few years working on AI search and multipoint search models, which demonstrate changes in Google's approach and thinking regarding search.

"Thanks to SGE, we can meet a wider range of information needs and answer new types of questions, including more complex ones, such as comparisons or long queries," wrote Liz Reid.

And there will be more soon, she said.

Source: The Verge

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