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Installed Windows XP tablet on a 2011 Apple MacBook touchscreen - it was tricky, but it works perfectly

Installed Windows XP tablet on a 2011 Apple MacBook touchscreen - it was tricky, but it works perfectly
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YouTuber Michael MJD installed Windows XP on the not-so-new modified Apple MacBook from 2011 with a touchscreen, about which he had previously made a separate video. The idea was to install tablet Windows XP and make the touch interface work.

Predictably, the enthusiast encountered a lot of headaches and failures. The Windows XP operating system for tablets takes into account the hardware used for installation. If the installer detects incompatible hardware, it decides to install regular Windows XP without tablet features. Therefore, Michael had to use a special ISO to unlock them.

Naturally, there were driver issues. The YouTuber tried to make the touch screen work and calibrate it, but every time he launched the installer, the program decided that the license had been modified and immediately closed. After some time, the experimenter found that there was corruption at the end of the license text file, which was preventing the driver from being installed. After fixing it, Michael was able to install the calibration tool and almost perfectly adjust the touch screen.

He used Boot Camp to set up the remaining drivers, which surprisingly worked well in setting up Windows XP for the MacBook. All media keys on the MacBook worked, and the sound played normally. The only issue was the graphics driver, which had to be downloaded directly from the NVIDIA website to get it to work.

Once everything was set up, the vintage Apple laptop demonstrated tablet features with Windows XP, including the game Ink Ball, which works on the touch screen. Then, in the tradition of his channel, he ran the original game Half-Life on the device. Michael left links to all the materials he used.

Source: XDA

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