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Has the GPT Store "deflated"? In February, custom chatbots accounted for 1.5% of visits to the ChatGPT website

Has the GPT Store "deflated"? In February, custom chatbots accounted for 1.5% of visits to the ChatGPT website
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OpenAI had hoped that personalized chatbots would accelerate its business, but recent data suggests that few people are interested in them.

Since November, the startup, which launched ChatGPT, has allowed paid users to create their own versions of chatbots - while others can use them through a separate online store launched in January 2024

According to the Financial Times analysis, some of the most popular versions of GPT are used for educational purposes, generate images, predict future stock prices, and help "cheat" plagiarism detectors used in schools and universities (these tools have been viewed at least 3 million times, despite the fact that OpenAI prohibits applications that encourage or promote academic dishonesty).

There are also other chatbots that violate the company's policy regarding providing financial, legal, or medical advice, unverified by qualified specialists.

Overall, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's vision is for customized versions of ChatGPT (a chatbot with 100 million weekly users) to accelerate business and become something akin to the Apple App Store for iPhones. He announced that leading GPT creators will start receiving a share of revenue from their programs later this year in an effort to attract more developers.

At the same time, data on the popularity of chatbots is currently discouraging - SimilarWeb statistics show that GPTs created by subscribers accounted for only 1.5% of visits to the ChatGPT website in February (although these are limited indicators, as they do not include views in the mobile app).

OpenAI claimed that millions of people have interacted with GPT since the launch of the store. Some well-known companies, including the hiking app AllTrails and the travel search system Kayak, have created their own versions. Canva was also one of the first to launch a specialized GPT, which has garnered over 4.4 million views.

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