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Afraid of taking people's jobs away: 'godfather of AI' proposes universal basic income

Afraid of taking people's jobs away: 'godfather of AI' proposes universal basic income
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Geoffrey Hinton, the "godfather of artificial intelligence," believes that the introduction of universal basic income can solve the problem of potential job shortages caused by AI development. This was reported by Insider.

Jeffrey Hinton told the BBC that he is "very concerned that artificial intelligence will take over many simple jobs."

"I consulted with people from Downing Street. I advised them that universal basic income is a good idea," he said.

Universal basic income means regular equal payments to all citizens of the country, regardless of their income, social status, age, or work without any reciprocal obligations on their part.

In some cities and states in the US, experiments have been conducted in introducing guaranteed basic income, but for specific categories.

This idea has also been considered in South Africa, Kenya, and India as a way to combat poverty.

According to Hinton, artificial intelligence will increase productivity and incomes. But if the government does not intervene, it will only make the rich richer. And deprive the poor of work.

Hinton advocates a more cautious approach to the development of artificial intelligence and says that artificial intelligence could become a "threat of extinction" for humans in 5-20 years.

It is also worth noting that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is conducting his own experiment on universal basic income, the results of which he expects to publish soon. He has also recently put forward the idea of "universal basic computation." Instead of receiving cash, everyone could receive a share of future LLM such as GPT-7.

It is worth reminding that prior to this, Geoffrey Hinton announced that he is leaving Google. The reason he cited was his concern that AI will cause a lot of harm.

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