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­čĄľAtlas is dead, long live Atlas! Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new generation of humanoid robot

Boston Dynamics has introduced a new generation of the bipedal robot Atlas - fully electric (without any hydraulics), much faster, more flexible, agile, and even scarier. Together with the robodog Spot and the robot manipulator Stretch, it will be en...

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80% of employees wouldn't mind walking to the office if employers would pay for their travel expenses

After the pandemic and the transition of a large number of employees to remote work, the average cost of commuting has sharply increased - and now, as companies are urging a return to offices, some employees are not willing to pay for their commute o...

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Musk says Tesla Optimus robot should cost "like half a car" - and will soon support 5G

It's been just over two years since Elon Musk announced that Tesla has started moving towards the development of humanoid robots. The company quickly showed the first prototypes (one assembled model that barely moved, and another one that stood on a ...

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