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Musk says Tesla Optimus robot should cost "like half a car" - and will soon support 5G

Musk says Tesla Optimus robot should cost "like half a car" - and will soon support 5G
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It's been just over two years since Elon Musk announced that Tesla has started moving towards the development of humanoid robots. The company quickly showed the first prototypes (one assembled model that barely moved, and another one that stood on a pedestal and waved its hand to the audience), and then the second generation of robots, which received some important improvements and generated more confidence in the project.

In the previous update, Tesla's CEO said that Optimus is "extremely underestimated" and predicted demand that could reach 10-20 billion units. Musk also stated that humanoid robots will make up "a large part of Tesla's long-term value" and in the future will be present in every home to perform manufacturing and service tasks.

To make the billionaire's forecasts work, the price must be acceptable. Earlier Musk mentioned $40,000 per unit, however, judging by a recent comment on X, now he is considering a significantly lower price, which will be less than half of the cost of a car.

In another update, it is reported that Optimus, along with Tesla's electric vehicles, will get connected to the "5G network".

The car manufacturer has long provided internet for its vehicles — thus Tesla updates software and collects some data. The company started with 3G and 4G LTE, however, judging by the description of the new job vacancy, plans to switch to 5G.

The requirements are detailed in the job description reviewed by the Electrek website:

"Tesla is looking for a highly motivated cellular systems integration engineer for the global IT Manufacturing Solutions Engineering team to provide best-in-class connectivity experience for all Tesla vehicles (Model S 3 X Y, Cybertruck ...) and Optimus at Tesla facilities. The role involves understanding customer requirements, planning and executing testing procedures, smooth deployment of ESIM, and reliable integration into Tesla's private 5G network infrastructure."

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