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"Lord of the Rings": LEGO unveiled its Barad-dûr with Eye and Orcs with 5,471 parts for $460

If the fame of the dark lord Sauron from the novel "The Lord of the Rings" doesn't let you rest, LEGO allows you to build your own Barad-dur tower with all the details for just $460. The specified details from the Barad-dûr set contain 5471 pieces. T...

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Owl Bear, Myconids and Red Dragon - Lego will release a 3,745-piece Dungeons & Dragons builder for the game's 50th anniversary

The set includes legendary creatures from the game, such as myconids, beholder, displaced beast, and a huge red dragon. Lego has finally revealed a Dungeons & Dragons set with 3745 elements, developed in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast (the ...

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Lego and Nintendo will release a Mario Kart themed set in 2025

Lego and Nintendo will release a Mario Kart themed set, but you will have to wait until 2025. The companies announced a future addition to their joint lineup in a short teaser released on the eve of Mario Day (March 10). Aside from the date, there i...

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