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"Petrofan, bot scientist and astrologer - custom GPTs are now available to everyone, but with a limit on requests

OpenAI has opened free access to customized GPT chatbots created by third-party developers based on ChatGPT with thematic functions (for example, specializing exclusively in mathematics or cooking borscht). As noted by The Verge, in addition to custo...

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OpenAI has started training the next GPT and intends to create a general artificial intelligence (AGI)

OpenAI has announced the start of training a new flagship artificial intelligence model. It will replace GPT-4, which powers the ChatGPT chatbot. The company claims to be aiming for the next level of capabilities, specifically aspiring to create noth...

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Has the GPT Store "deflated"? In February, custom chatbots accounted for 1.5% of visits to the ChatGPT website

OpenAI had hoped that personalized chatbots would accelerate its business, but recent data suggests that few people are interested in them. Since November, the startup, which launched ChatGPT, has allowed paid users to create their own versions of ch...

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