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Meta updated Messenger - shared albums, HD photo support and sending files up to 100 MB

Users can now create photo and video albums in shared Messenger chats - to do this, you need to select several individual images from the conversation (by tapping or holding) and activate the "Add to Album" option. Each chat participant can view, add...

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Canadian school boards sue TikTok, Meta and SnapChat - platforms are interfering with children's lives and education

Four of the largest school boards in the Canadian province of Ontario have initiated legal proceedings against TikTok, Meta, and SnapChat, alleging that social media platforms are disrupting the learning process. The plaintiffs are seeking damages ex...

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Joe Biden's dipfake showing him "touching" his granddaughter's breasts will be left on Facebook

The Meta Oversight Board decided that the video can stay on Facebook, but demands the company to update its "inconsistent" policy. In the original video, footage from October 2022 was shown, where the US president accompanies his granddaughter to he...

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