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'Almost got fired': Helldivers 2 community manager on Discord got in trouble for commenting on PSN situation

A community manager of Helldivers 2 players in Discord with the nickname Spitz suddenly stopped posting comments after a situation that arose over the weekend around the game. Recall, Sony had to cancel the decision to make Helldivers 2 binding to a ...

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Ex-X Twitter manager (the one who slept in the office), now works at Meta and has some interesting things to say about Ilon Musk

Remember the woman who slept in the X Twitter office and justified Elon Musk's methods, but was still fired? Well, now Esther Crawford works for Mark Zuckerberg at Meta, which she shared on Instagram. Crawford was X Twitter's product management direc...

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Waste and layoffs: Spotify invited employees to a massive party and then fired 1,500 of them - and that's not all

Some employees believe that Spotify spends too much on parties and events, especially during the layoffs of thousands of people and the declared reduction of additional expenses. According to Business Insider, 14 current and former anonymous company ...

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