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Amazon executives book a Foo Fighters concert amid layoffs and "morale-boosting" spending cuts

Amazon executives book a Foo Fighters concert amid layoffs and "morale-boosting" spending cuts
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According to internal messages from Amazon in Slack, as cited by Business Insider, employees criticize the company for holding a private concert by Foo Fighters for senior management after tough years of layoffs and cost-cutting. Since the end of 2022, Amazon has laid off more than 27,000 employees and supposedly reduced the budget for boosting team morale.

However, in the publication dated May 30, it is stated that the company invited the band Foo Fighters, a favorite band of CEO Andy Jassy, to a private event for director and vice president level employees. The concert was part of an event for senior leadership of the global Amazon network called Ops Live.

An Amazon employee posted a message about this on Slack with the title "frugality," referring to one of the company's declared leadership principles. The message sparked a strong reaction from other employees:

"Finally, someone is striving to be the best employer on Earth (for L8+ employees)"

"Meanwhile, our team doesn't have a budget for a monthly happy hour"

"Whatever. They paid for their own bananas and coffee"

Similar issues were recently noticed by Spotify employees. Some of them believe that the company is spending too much on parties and events amidst the layoffs of thousands of people and cost-cutting measures. In November, Spotify marked its annual Wrapped campaign with an exclusive party at a London superclub. Four days after the lavish party, the company laid off 1500 employees, including some who had worked on Wrapped.

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