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Forget air conditioning: researchers advise 'cool roofs' to escape heatwave

Researchers from University College London have found that applying a specific type of paint to roofs can mitigate heat in cities. This refers to white paint or light-reflecting paint - and if such a practice were applied throughout the city, its ove...

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TSMC powers Taipei suburbs from its own generators - Taiwan government asked for help

The company TSMC shared the energy from its backup power generators with the state energy company of Taiwan, Taipower, to help avoid power outages, according to the Taiwanese publication Commercial Times. This happened after a recent 7.4 magnitude ea...

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Google will use artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to monitor methane emissions

The company partners with the Environmental Defense Fund to help fight climate change, reports Engadget. Despite the fact that carbon dioxide gets most of the attention when it comes to global warming, other factors cannot be ignored. According to t...

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