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Bug in iOS update issues emoji with Palestine flag when asked about Jerusalem

Some users have noticed that in the latest iOS update, when typing the word "Jerusalem," devices suggest an emoji with the Palestinian flag. Rachel Riley, a British writer and TV presenter, in a post on X criticized Apple, accusing the company of "do...

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"Gays are controlled by Gates" and other pearls: lawsuit accuses Kanye West of racism toward African-Americans, judeophobia and homophobia

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, a former employee accused Kanye West of racism against African Americans and claimed to have witnessed homophobic and anti-Semitic outbursts from West. Trevor Phillips, an African American, alleged that West would scold...

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Ozzy Osbourne denied Kanye West a music sample because of anti-Semitism, but the rapper used it

Ozzy Osbourne announced that he does not want to know the rapper Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) after he was denied permission to use a sample of Black Sabbath's music and still used it. Ozzy did not allow Kanye to use the music because of his ant...

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