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2024. Musk 'defeated' bots and scammers on Twitter/X - by mistakenly blurring images on the platform

During the weekend, X mistakenly blurred and added a "sensitive content" label to random images - even harmless pictures of nature, books, cars, or animals. What I posted and what @X is showing people. So weird… how in the world is this graphic con...

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Japan successfully landed the SLIM module on the Moon, but its resource is limited to hours - solar panels do not work

Japan has become the fifth country to successfully land on the moon. Previously, this was achieved by the USA, China, India, and Russia. The Japanese landing module SLIM successfully touched down, but its mission will likely be short-lived. The Japan...

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NASA published the first photo of samples of asteroid Bennu from the OSIRIS-REx main repository

Last week, the space agency finally opened the capsule with samples of the Bennu asteroid, which was delivered by OSIRIS-REx, after struggling for months to deal with a faulty lid fastening. The Bennu asteroid is a near-Earth asteroid of class "B" (...

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