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Will Taylor Swift endorse Biden in 2024? The president says it's "classified information"

Will Taylor Swift endorse Biden in 2024? The president says it's "classified information"
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Joe Biden once again trolled conspiracy theorists who spread conspiracy theories about his alleged deal to support Taylor Swift in the elections.

The host of the NBC late-night show Seth Meyers invited the President of the United States to the program and stated that about 18% of Americans believe that Biden and Swift somehow collaborate and asked his VIP guest if this is true.

"Where do you get this information from? It's classified," he joked.

Reuters notes that Biden's appearance on Meyers' show is "the president's latest attempt to connect with the younger generation and dispel concerns about his age" - after doubts about his memory and sharpness of mind were raised in a special prosecutor's report.

81-year-old Biden noted that former President Donald Trump, his likely Republican party competitor, is close to him in age (Trump - 77 years old) and has his own problems.

"You should look at the other ‘guy’. He’s about the same age as me, but he can’t even remember his wife’s name," Biden said, recalling Trump's recent appearance at the CPAC conference, where he allegedly referred to his wife Melania as Mercedes (Mercedes - former communications specialist in the Trump administration and one of the organizers of CPAC).

Biden also compared his policy and competitor in the field of abortions - the current U.S. president supports women's rights to abortions, while Trump appointed judges who overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that guaranteed the right to abortion nationwide.

"It's about how old your ideas are," Biden added.

Earlier, conspiracy theorists claimed that Biden rigged the Super Bowl in favor of Swift's boyfriend so that she would support him in the elections. The singer has a large fan base and became a real star of 2023 - concerts with her participation caused seismic activity equivalent to an earthquake, ticket sales for the concert film brought record revenues, and Time magazine ultimately named her "Person of the Year".

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