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Vodafone Ukraine has developed its own version of AI for contact centers - launch scheduled for May 15

Vodafone Ukraine has developed its own version of AI for contact centers - launch scheduled for May 15
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The development and support of its own AI system cost Vodafone Ukraine the company "tens of millions," according to the head of the digital solutions and platforms department Sergey Berislavsky.

The launch of the MVP (minimum viable product) is scheduled for May 15, Berislavsky told Artificial intelligence will be primarily used to improve the work of the Vodafone contact center, which employs hundreds of people.

"We will test it within the company, on our own customer service business processes, the MVP launch is scheduled for May 15. At the moment, we have involved around 30 people in this project."

Berislavsky noted that the AI product in the company is divided into several stages, with the first one covering "voice" work.

"Daily, employees will have access to information on how effectively they perform, what they need to change, how to change their script, where they need to be more assertive in communicating with the customer, or what words to use to make their work more valuable for our company and more valuable for the customer," added Sergey Berislavsky.

Vodafone invested "tens of millions" in its own AI project - the company decided not to use ready-made LLMs (large language models), so it independently developed and trained the system.

"I will not name exact figures, but these are tens of millions that we invest, have already invested, and plan to invest in this story. And it consists of several parts. The first is the construction of its own hardware infrastructure. Servers, GPUs, which now cost millions, are obtained quite difficultly, but we solve this. The second is the construction of the software part, for this there is our own IT company - IT SmartFlex, which precisely provides this service for Vodafone Ukraine - comprehensive product development."

In addition, Vodafone is working on its own chatbot project, simultaneously testing the open-source Meta model, and is also considering launching "digital twins" for screen customer service.

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