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The leaked Nintendo game was made by a Google contractor with YouTube admin privileges - just shared with a friend

The leaked Nintendo game was made by a Google contractor with YouTube admin privileges - just shared with a friend
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Contractor Google used administrator rights to access private information on the Nintendo YouTube account. According to a copy of Google's internal database, leaked several years ago, in 2017, images of the trailer for the then unnamed and unannounced Nintendo game Yoshi's Crafted World ended up on Reddit as a result of this.

This news provides more clarity on how exactly the user Reddit obtained the image. The Reddit screenshot shows a URL starting with, which is Google's corporate login page.

On June 13, 2017, a Reddit user posted a topic titled "New Yoshi game (probably Woolly World 2) will be announced for Switch." The post contained a photo of a Macbook screen showing thumbnails for a video titled "Yoshi for Nintendo Switch - official game trailer - Nintendo E3 2017."

In one comment, he added: "My friend works at Google and he sent me this photo. The video is already on the Nintendo channel and will be available after the announcement."

According to the database, a Google employee reported this obvious violation to Google itself. The record contained a link to Reddit posts and the author's comments.

"A Google employee apparently gained access to private videos in Nintendo's YouTube account yesterday, leaking information online well before Nintendo E3's public announcement."

The final report indicates that the leak may have been unintentional: "Former TVC [temporary vendor contractor] uploaded the video using an administrator account and shared an unpublished Nintendo feature with a friend. The GI interview ended unintentionally. A reactive message was sent."

There has long been a belief in the community that many well-known information distributors obtain it from similar sources, and this case became another confirmation. Intentional or not, the information was shared by someone who had access to YouTube administration.

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