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Telegram stars a new internal currency for paying for digital goods

Telegram stars a new internal currency for paying for digital goods
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The messenger Telegram has launched a new function - the ability to sell digital goods and services through bots and mini-apps using a new internal currency called "Telegram Stars."

This month, the messenger's administration updated the bot platform to seamlessly support payments for digital goods. Telegram Stars act as a payment method in this case. Stars can be purchased in the app through Apple or Google or in PremiumBot. Subsequently, the stars obtained can be spent on digital goods offered by bots. These can be items in Telegram games, online courses, e-books, and the like.

"Telegram Stars comply with the latest Apple and Google policies regarding the sale of digital goods and provide developers in the Telegram ecosystem and their users with unprecedented access to purchases in mobile app stores," Telegram said.

It is also noted that soon developers will have the opportunity to convert stars obtained from their bots into the Toncoin cryptocurrency using the Fragment platform.

In the future, the messenger's administration plans to add more features related to Telegram Stars. For example, users will be able to send gifts to content creators.

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