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Snapdragon is coming to desktops: Qualcomm's "productive and efficient" processors will appear in all form factors

Snapdragon is coming to desktops: Qualcomm's "productive and efficient" processors will appear in all form factors
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The CEO of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon, spoke at Computex and detailed the company's achievements in artificial intelligence with Snapdragon X Elite and CoPilot+. An important announcement was that Qualcomm chips will now appear in desktop computers.

Amon described Snapdragon X Elite as "one of the most significant changes in Windows." Previously, Snapdragon chips were typically used in mobile and low-power devices. However, during the presentation, Amon announced that Snapdragon X and CoPilot+ will "emerge on all PC form factors." It is worth noting that Snapdragon X Elite supports discrete graphics cards, theoretically allowing it to be used even in gaming PCs.

Qualcomm partners with companies such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung to release a wide range of PCs based on Snapdragon. Many of these devices will be available from June 18th. Currently, there are already more than 20 Copilot+ PCs with Snapdragon processors and NPU available, offering up to 45 TOPS of performance.

This level of performance currently allows Snapdragon X Elite to have the fastest NPU for laptops and the best performance per watt. Amon claims that Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus have the same AI performance. Moreover, Snapdragon X Elite has a 2.6x performance per watt advantage over Apple M3 and a 5.4x advantage over Intel Core Ultra 7. At the same time, laptops with Snapdragon X Elite remain cooler compared to models based on Intel Core Ultra 7 155H.

According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon X Elite chip combines high performance and energy efficiency. In a single-core Geekbench test, the Snapdragon X Elite chip was 51% faster while consuming 65% less energy than the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H. Also, the Speedometer 2.1 test shows that Qualcomm processors are 20% faster (Chrome) and 57% faster (Edge) compared to Intel Core Ultra 7 155H. Compared to AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS, the improvement with Snapdragon X Elite is 39% (Chrome) and 35% (Edge).

As for autonomy, Snapdragon X Elite has 60% more battery life for video playback and 70% more for video calls compared to Intel Core Ultra 7. Amon claims that this provides twice the amount of autonomy.

Qualcomm and Microsoft are actively collaborating on the new category of Copilot+ PC computers. They will be the first to receive Snapdragon X processors. The Windows Copilot Runtime toolkit will allow developers to access artificial intelligence capabilities and improve programs like DaVinci Resolve (video editing) or Adobe Creative Cloud. With the NPU Snapdragon X Elite, the "magic mask" in DaVinci Resolve was 4.7 times faster than on a 14-core Intel processor.

Applications run on Snapdragon X, not on traditional X86/X86_64-based processors, thanks to the Prism emulator, which provides high performance on Snapdragon devices. Currently, more than 1200 games have been tested on Snapdragon X Elite, including some AAA games from studios like Activision, Blizzard, Epic, Remedy, EA, Ubisoft, and Xbox. Performance tests are currently lacking, but Amon talks about using the NPU in future games where NPCs can generate interactions using AI.

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