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Sega has sold Relic Entertainment and will cut 240 jobs at UK studios

Sega has sold Relic Entertainment and will cut 240 jobs at UK studios
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The gaming industry continues to be in turmoil. It became known that the company Sega sold the studio Relic Entertainment, which is known as the developer of popular games such as Company of Heroes and Dawn of War. The studio recently developed a new Age of Empires for Microsoft. Relic is transforming into an independent studio and will no longer be part of the Sega group.

“Sega is closely collaborating with Relic on this change, and we wish them all the best in the future,” wrote Jürgen Post, who is the new head of Sega Europe.

Other studios remaining within Sega should prepare for staff layoffs. The company will cut 240 jobs at Sega Europe, Creative Assembly, and Sega HARDlight.

The majority of the 240 job cuts are at Creative Assembly and Sega Europe, while only a “small number” of employees will be cut from Sega HARDLight. There is no talk of layoffs in other Sega studios yet, including Two Point Studios and Sports Interactive.

Creative Assembly has already undergone a series of layoffs following the cancellation of its Hyenas project last year.

The company apologizes to employees if they learn about the layoffs through social media or the press. This is due to Sega's legal obligation to first notify the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The layoffs at Sega are the latest in a series of job cuts that have affected the gaming industry over the past 12 months. Recently, almost all major gaming companies have been reducing their workforce due to slow growth and increasing costs.

Source: gamesindustry

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