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PS5 Letsplays. Sony's new feature will automatically record video prompts for other players

PS5 Letsplays. Sony's new feature will automatically record video prompts for other players
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Sony has announced an update to the "Game Help" feature on PlayStation 5 - it will soon be complemented by a Community section with video tips that will be automatically recorded to help other players.

In short, Sony has decided to transfer let's plays to PS5. According to the developers' idea, the console (with the owner's permission) will automatically record videos of performing certain actions (getting trophies or finding hidden items) in the game. After passing moderation, other PlayStation players will be able to use the videos as hints without the need to search for them on YouTube.

Nothing will be recorded without the owner's knowledge - you must first enable the auto-saving gameplay option in the settings. The videos will be deleted from the console immediately after being uploaded to Sony's servers, and after approval/publication, the author will receive a corresponding notification on the console. The tool will record videos without sound - there is no need to worry about the webcam, microphone, or group chat. There is also a separate section with published content, so the author can delete any video if necessary.

These new community videos will complement the existing "Game Help" section, which provides access to walkthrough hints, tips, and step-by-step videos from developers. The update, which will bring this feature, will be released by the end of this year, and access to it will be open to both PS Plus subscribers and non-subscribers.

PS5 Interface Update

Currently, Sony is also testing an update to the PS5 interface with a reworked Explore section - among other things, it will feature Live wallpapers and widgets on the main screen with various useful information (controller battery level, free disk space, trophy count, latest screenshots). The section will also show fresh releases in PS Plus and some promotions from the PS Store. The update is already available in beta, but only for the American PS Store. We are waiting for the public release soon.

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