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Link no more: The Legend of Zelda fan jailed for publicly wearing Master Sword

Link no more: The Legend of Zelda fan jailed for publicly wearing Master Sword
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The Legend of Zelda fan was sentenced to four months in prison. It is not surprising, because he had a cold weapon - a six-inch replica of the Master Sword, the weapon of the main character Link, during a public event. In June, Anthony Bray, a resident of the British town of Nuneaton, was arrested for "carrying an item with a blade." Surveillance operators noticed Bray with a replica of the Master Sword, the blade of which was over 15 cm long. "When questioned, Bray said he bought the replica Master Sword online as a toy. Officers explained that, despite its purpose, the blade "was actually an item with sharp edges that could be used as a weapon and could scare others with the possibility of being used against them." Anthony Bray claimed he would not use the Legend of Zelda sword replica as a real weapon. However, he admitted that it could be perceived as a threat. "We have zero tolerance for public appearances with blades, and Bray disagreed with that. You can find other toys that are not six-inch blades. You don't have to walk down the street holding them in front of you. With a little more self-awareness, Bray could have completely avoided contact with us," noted Sergeant Spellman from the patrol unit. In addition to the imprisonment, Anthony Bray must pay 154 pounds. Source: Eurogamer (Translated from Russian)

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