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Pavetta and Dani from The Witcher ended up at Duolingo in an unexpected way

Pavetta and Dani from The Witcher ended up at Duolingo in an unexpected way
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The Witcher", or The Witcher, has gone far beyond the series of books and games: there is a Netflix series, official manga, anime, board game, and even a cookbook, but now it has even appeared in the language learning program Duolingo. Reddit user GeraltAndYennefer noticed one of the questions in the Finnish course. Duolingo requires the translation of the phrase: "The bride is a woman, and the groom is a hedgehog." "Is this a reference to The Witcher?" - asked the Reddit user. In Duolingo, IGN confirmed that this is indeed a deep reverence to the beloved fantasy, in particular to Sapkowski's story "A Question of Price." Its plot was adapted for Netflix in the fourth episode of the first season of the series. The main character of The Witcher Geralt of Rivia attends a banquet organized by Queen Calanthe of Cintra, who is better known to many as Ciri's grandmother. Ciri had not yet been born then - the story is about the romance of her parents. Many suitors went to Cintra to try to win the hand of Princess Pavetta, Ciri's mother, but due to a complex series of events, Pavetta chooses the knight in the mask Dunny. However, Dunny is under a curse that essentially turns him into a hedgehog. But Geralt saves the situation, and the princess and the hedgehog get engaged, hence the reference on Duolingo. "DuoLingo is known for its strange and funny sentences in our courses, but there is real educational value behind them. Sometimes we intentionally insert references to anime, games, or other pop culture into our content to help connect language learning with people's hobbies and interests," said a representative of Duolingo to IGN.

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