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Google is adding AI to general search - for now in the US and by the end of the year in other countries

Google is adding AI to general search - for now in the US and by the end of the year in other countries
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Google is incorporating artificial intelligence into its search. At the Google I/O 2024 presentation, the company announced major changes based on artificial intelligence in the most popular search engine. Through new features, Google is making search something more than just a way to find a website. The company aims for people to use its search engine to directly get answers, plan events, and discuss ideas.

Starting today, Google will show full AI-generated answers to most search queries in the top of the search results page in the US. Previously, this feature was only in testing, but now AI Overviews is becoming publicly available and will eventually expand to most countries.

In addition to AI-generated answers, in searches for restaurants and recipes, and later for queries about movies, music, books, hotels, shopping, etc. in the US, a new search page organized with artificial intelligence will be displayed.

In the test Search Labs, there will be even more AI-based functions. It will help simplify text or delve into a complex topic more thoroughly. Testers will also be able to ask Google really difficult questions and receive comprehensive answers instead of making multiple search attempts.

Google also aims to become a provider of food and vacation plans, allowing through Search Labs to make requests like "create a three-day meal plan for a group that is easy to prepare," and allowing to modify individual results in the AI-generated plan. Later, Google will allow everyone registered in Search Labs to use videos as search queries instead of text or images.

Google says that all these new capabilities are based on the completely new Gemini model, tuned for search, which combines the advanced multistage reasoning of Gemini and multimodal capabilities with traditional Google search tools.

Source: Engadget

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